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10 Top Tips For Building a Successful Career

Building your career is exciting because it provides a chance to shape your life in the way you would like. It also can be scary once you don’t know what it’s that you simply want to try to do and once you aren’t sure how you’ll make a living. The more you’re responsible for your process, the higher you’ll feel. So here are my top 10 tips to assist move you forward as you create your career.

1. Know your values

The place to start out building career success is with yourself. First, zero in on your values. Values are the core principles that run your life. The more your career aligns with and honors your values, the deeper the sense of satisfaction you’ll derive from what you are doing.

2. Play to your strengths

Second, find your strengths. it’s easier and tons more fun to play to your strengths than to catch up on weaknesses. an excellent resource for identifying your strengths is Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath where you purchase the book then take an on-line assessment that generates a report of your top 5 strengths. Then see how you’ll start playing to YOUR strengths!

3. Live your passions

Some people are ready to live their passions a day. For others, tapping into passions is tougher. Passions are often buried by belief systems and judgments that convince you that what you’re keen on isn’t deserve or capable of sustaining you during a career. If that’s your situation, remember to those childhood passions and see what it might fancy introducing more of these things into your life immediately.

4. Use your favorite skill sets

What are you good at doing? an excellent resource is that the 7 Success Stories exercise in Richard Nelson Bolles’ seminal work, What Color Is Your Parachute? consider the days that you simply are successful then zero in on the precise steps that you took to urge there. These will tell you your best skills. Now pick your favorite skills and see how you’ll apply them in your career.

5. find out what proportion of money you would like to form

For anyone entering the work market or brooding about a career switch, take an extended hard check out your finances. Do a budget. choose what quiet lifestyle is basically important to you. Then believe what proportion of money you would like to form to support yourself therein lifestyle.

6. Have an idea

Once you’ve got answered all of the foregoing questions, do some research into different career scenarios that combine your values, strengths, passions, and favorite skill sets and supply you with the cash that you simply got to make. Imagine yourself in those careers. what is going to you be doing all day? Whom will you be working with? What does one want to accomplish? Then leave and determine more about these areas. Make a long-range plan for your career search and set quarterly, monthly, and weekly SMART goals.

7. Stay flexible

There are probably a variety of various areas that you simply could see yourself working in. Experiment and see what you wish best! Volunteer at an area non-profit. Join a committee. Take a category.

Do you need additional skills? Take a course or choose another degree.

Do you need another job or two before you’re ready for your ideal job? That’s okay since you’re occupation the proper direction!

8. Network

Here’s the important secret of career-building: the simplest jobs come up because someone who knows you thinks that you simply would be the proper person for the work. So networking may be a critical piece of career success. Yet many of us are afraid to network, thinking that it’s somehow impolite to ask others for help. Even worse, they may wonder why would anyone want to spend time with someone new to the sector.

And here’s another insight: networking doesn’t need to be scary. consider networking as connecting with another person in order that the 2 of you’re in sync and are relevant to every other. Yes, you’ve got something to contribute! People are always trying to find talent and people big executives/stars were once beginners a bit like you.

9. Get support

Seek out people that understand your situation or are a positive influence. Join a support group or create your own with like-minded friends. Hire a teacher. Form your own personal board of directors. this is often not the time to be with naysayers!

10. Be good to yourself

Building a career is often tricky so be good to yourself. Create a nourishment menu of fun, free things to try to do that cause you to feel great. Keep a hit journal documenting all the items that you simply had best. If negative self-talk is holding you back, come up with a mantra or affirmation which will remind you of yourself at your best. Make these practices a habit throughout your life!

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